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But is this central truth universal without self-contradiction? The book is placed between the re-discovery of the significance of context in geographical knowledge and the discovery of the role of context to understanding morality, away from the dedication of ethics to universalism. One can easily agree with Smith, but two obstacles remain to achieve interdisciplinary integration. First, geographers do not share the same language as philosophers and Smith does not provide a kind of method for philosophers to read space geographically, even if his case studies are useful to understand a geographical analysis.

Nevertheless Smith is optimistic since philosophers recognise that moral theories must become more empirically informed. And his use of case studies throughout the text may encourage philosophers to read geographical literature, to confront abstract deliberations with reality, and to work back and forth between theory and practice.

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But, practically, a distributive conception of justice would not have been appropriate after so many years of segregation. So Smith tries to understand social justice through an understanding of the good life and a rediscovery of the traditional African ethics of care. Then Smith shows that a solution is perhaps to be found in an open conception of South African identity.

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May this last sentence serve as a strong incentive to read this book and as an expression of an eager hope for further exchanges between geography and moral philosophy. Birsdall, S. Canto-Sperber, M. Cloke, P. Harvey, D. MacIntyre, A. Proctor, J. London: Routledge Press.

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Rawls, J. Sack, R. Sen, A. Quoted by Smith, p1. Quoted by Smith p8. Actually the shtetl was not a cultural island, and it was a place where Jews lived side by side with the local population. Are comparisons among nations or regions possible? Should the level of development of a society be left to culturally relative criteria? Is there a universal model to be followed? Cf Livingstone, D. Ethical principles of ecumene], Paris: Gallimard. Delmas-Marty, M. Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography. This book is evidence of geographers' growing interest in reflecting consciously upon ethics and its application to geographical practice.

Geography and Ethics includes 18 essays that consider ethical questions from a variety of perspectives. The essayists include such prominent geographers as R. Curry " 'Hereness' and the Normality of Place". Companion to Environmental Studies. London: Routledge. Proctor, James D.

Fry, Chris Koski, and Tony Moreno. Proctor, James.

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Lave, Rebecca, Matthew W. Wilson, Elizabeth S.


Book Review: Geography and ethics. Journeys in a moral terrain.

Barron, Christine Biermann, Mark A. Carey, Chris S. Duvall, Leigh Johnson, et al.

CSHL Public Lecture: Hominid Evolution How it has shaped human behavior, ethics and morality

Clark, Kimberly K. Smith, and Richard L. Berry, Evan, and James D. Proctor, — West Conshohocken, Penn: Templeton Press.